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We can help you in your addiction

We have a highly qualified professional team in the addiction treatment field. We will study your problem and elaborate a tailored treatment adapted to your problem and needs, in a context of confidentiality and respect.

Psique Adicciones

Our treatments work and release you from addiction.
Our team is committed to you and will help you to have a new life.

Our Treatments

Our treatments work and release you from addiction. Our team is committed to you and will help you to have a new life.

Our Therapies

We help you and support you in the process of detoxification provided by a strictly medical and psychotherapeutic check-up

Our Team

Our team is highly qualified in the treatment of addiction with years of experience in the management of these kind of disorders.

Set an Appointment

The first visit is free and personalized. We will value your situation and we will offer you an appropriate and personalized treatment.

Why to look for a treatment?

Treatment works and releases you. It is a lifesaver for those who are suffering and experiencing the negative consequences of their addiction in their lifes.

Loss of job

Personal suffering and loss of control

Family breakup and loss of friends

Legal and judicial problems

Learn more about addictions

Psique Adicciones help you with your addiction.

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Psiquiatría de las adicciones

Guía para profesionales de la salud
Mario Souza y Machorro
Fondo de Cultura Economica, 12 feb. 2016

What is addiction?

By addiction we refer to the repetitive behavior that leads to states of anguish and suffering with negative effects in life. For example, taking methamphetamine (or amphetamine) repeatedly where the person feels obliged to take the drug even if it leads to negative effects in your life. Negative effects such as loss of work, financial problems or health problems.

Other reasons to undergo treatment

  • Addiction harms reasoning and reduces the possibility of making decisions. Abuse of addictive substances is hard to stop and relapse is quite likely.

  • Treatment is confidential and private based on professional ethics. Treatment works and it is essential to get out of the addiction.

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